Author gavan@coolfactor.org
Branch org.coolfactor.quadrotor
Changelog Store the configuration on the SD card
Date 2015-08-13T14:10:09

Revision Details

Oldrevision Old revision is: [08a35a66..] (diff)
Addfile Add file: config.c
Add file: config.h
Add file: crc.c
Add file: crc.h
Add file: memcpy.c
Patch Patch file Makefile (diff)
Patch file event.h (diff)
Patch file log.c (diff)
Patch file log.h (diff)
Patch file motor.c (diff)
Patch file mpu6050.c (diff)
Patch file sdcard.c (diff)
Patch file status.c (diff)
Patch file status.h (diff)
Patch file stick.c (diff)
Patch file types.h (diff)
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