Author gavan@coolfactor.org
Branch org.coolfactor.quadrotor
Changelog Add preliminary support for HMC5883L magnetometer and MPL3115A2 altimeter.
Logging only, at this stage.
Date 2014-11-23T18:54:11

Revision Details

Oldrevision Old revision is: [056a532c..] (diff)
Addfile Add file: hmc5883l.c
Add file: hmc5883l.h
Add file: mpl3115a2.c
Add file: mpl3115a2.h
Patch Patch file Makefile (diff)
Patch file event.h (diff)
Patch file log.c (diff)
Patch file matrix.c (diff)
Patch file mpu6050.c (diff)
Patch file sensors.c (diff)
Patch file stick.c (diff)
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