Author gavan@coolfactor.org
Branch org.coolfactor.quadrotor
Changelog Lots of development of new features. Radio input, motor output, PID control
loops, boot-time initialisation, option to run without attached UART.
And.. it flies!
Date 2012-08-30T12:42:38

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Oldrevision Old revision is: [23a3e9a5..] (diff)
Addfile Add file: motor.c
Add file: motor.h
Add file: stick.c
Add file: stick.h
Add file: trig.c
Add file: trig.h
Patch Patch file Makefile (diff)
Patch file dcm.c (diff)
Patch file dcm.h (diff)
Patch file interrupt.h (diff)
Patch file main.c (diff)
Patch file timer.c (diff)
Patch file timer.h (diff)
Patch file types.h (diff)
Patch file uart.c (diff)
Patch file uart.h (diff)
Patch file wmp.c (diff)
Patch file wmp.h (diff)
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