Author gavan@coolfactor.org
Branch org.coolfactor.quadrotor
Changelog Firmware changes to match rewired control board.
This is a bit more difficult than just reassigning pins as the usage
of the timers has changed to the point of using 16 bit timers where 32 bit
timers would have been ideal. This makes the use of the prescaler necessary,
and we need to cope with a different prescaler value being used on different
Date 2013-05-25T19:24:39

Revision Details

Oldrevision Old revision is: [9f05a1eb..] (diff)
Patch Patch file interrupt.h (diff)
Patch file led.c (diff)
Patch file main.c (diff)
Patch file timer.c (diff)
Patch file timer.h (diff)
Patch file watchdog.c (diff)
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