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This diff has been restricted to the following files: 'led.h'

# old_revision [d0420ebd87c820e33a32b29727989516e15980a8]
# new_revision [64de686d701acb9539dc52fe0bff299405612ab0]
# patch "led.h"
#  from [d877be81bb449ce8dbe9db28a85ab4129ec25fc2]
#    to [b0da2e9767cc7415414c01afa7ba79bc8adb4509]
--- led.h	d877be81bb449ce8dbe9db28a85ab4129ec25fc2
+++ led.h	b0da2e9767cc7415414c01afa7ba79bc8adb4509
@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ extern led_pattern led_pattern_active[];
 typedef unsigned int led_pattern;
 extern led_pattern led_pattern_active[];
+extern led_pattern led_pattern_unknown[];
+void led_init(void);
 void led_set(bool on);
 void led_update(void);
 void led_set_pattern(led_pattern *pattern);