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This diff has been restricted to the following files: 'dcm.h'

# old_revision [4cc7246c1b6c809c9dc15997798f6deed15b3631]
# new_revision [23a3e9a50b4034343e3bd217d2c225dcaec064dd]
# patch "dcm.h"
#  from [8cf2b18d961bdb55d2b83556e9d9cab91a58285a]
#    to [91aed9ca7b3b59898347ab5f47e7aa364a483928]
--- dcm.h	8cf2b18d961bdb55d2b83556e9d9cab91a58285a
+++ dcm.h	91aed9ca7b3b59898347ab5f47e7aa364a483928
@@ -7,3 +7,6 @@ void dcm_send_packet(void);
 bool dcm_renormalise(float *v);
 void dcm_dump(void);
 void dcm_send_packet(void);
+void dcm_setvector(float x, float y, float z);
+void dcm_drift_correction(float x, float y, float z);