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# old_revision [4cc7246c1b6c809c9dc15997798f6deed15b3631]
# new_revision [23a3e9a50b4034343e3bd217d2c225dcaec064dd]
# patch "Makefile"
#  from [aa804f03d53484ad86061695d7e033b091c87a88]
#    to [d61625cad3fe90d5ffd933b03b2f322afc177d10]
--- Makefile	aa804f03d53484ad86061695d7e033b091c87a88
+++ Makefile	d61625cad3fe90d5ffd933b03b2f322afc177d10
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ CSRCS=main.c i2c.c wmp.c timer.c interru
 CSRCS=main.c i2c.c wmp.c timer.c interrupt.c uart.c event.c matrix.c dcm.c
 CFLAGS=-march=armv4t -msoft-float $(COPTIM) -Wall -Werror -Wextra