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This diff has been restricted to the following files: 'uart.h'

# old_revision [65df00aa2705ce33fd74f4dd706d2879fe99b2b0]
# new_revision [4cc7246c1b6c809c9dc15997798f6deed15b3631]
# patch "uart.h"
#  from [0b8aacd8b3674937065175bb8fd6ce1feafd477e]
#    to [4acdb1f160b933d1653b3ac765f110cd71332112]
--- uart.h	0b8aacd8b3674937065175bb8fd6ce1feafd477e
+++ uart.h	4acdb1f160b933d1653b3ac765f110cd71332112
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ void putint(unsigned int n);
 void putch(char c);
 void putstr(char *s);
 void putint(unsigned int n);
+void putint_s(int n);
 void puthex(unsigned int n);
 bool getch(char *c);