en-us Changes to file timer.c (from [1dfe3b7e..]) http://mtn.coolfactor.org/viewmtn.py/revision/filechanges/1dfe3b7eee76f3c8aea3b33932857682ee17701c/timer.c Changes to file timer.c (from [1dfe3b7e..]) http://mtn.coolfactor.org/viewmtn.py/revision/info/961b04ddb07ba2b5dd6bccfa66a03e442e40d8f0 Move UART code into its own file * Move UART code into its own file
* Set up vectored interrupt controller
* Set up timer interrupt
gavan@coolfactor.org Sat, 21 May 2011 22:26:19 GMT
http://mtn.coolfactor.org/viewmtn.py/revision/info/b85a3bbccc40f21e02f50101af764be93eeb9538 More hacking: More hacking:
* initial Wii Motion+ support
* initial timer support
gavan@coolfactor.org Sun, 15 May 2011 22:22:50 GMT