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# old_revision [9adf8b96ba8383cd9998674dcbb8210a6b49b9be]
# new_revision [9eeb88a332c3478da83dc4c56e77bff12f9d4e74]
# patch ""
#  from [2116c51f5b6801561d624151199949e68709029e]
#    to [f8a25254f258fcb8a3de0948fe3815aa6bb4200d]
---	2116c51f5b6801561d624151199949e68709029e
+++	f8a25254f258fcb8a3de0948fe3815aa6bb4200d
@@ -28,13 +28,13 @@ $username = $options{'username'};
 close CONFIG;
 $username = $options{'username'};
-die "username not set" unless defined($username);
+error("username not set") unless defined($username);
 $password = $options{'password'};
-die "password not set" unless defined($password);
+error("password not set") unless defined($password);
 $downloaddir = $options{'downloaddir'};
-die "downloaddir not set" unless defined($downloaddir);
+error("downloaddir not set") unless defined($downloaddir);
 print "Fetching homepage\n";